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    Sundayadoga accessible from sundayadoga.com.ng, is a group of subdomains managed and authored by Sunday Adoga. To learn more about Sunday Adoga, see the about page. 

    Learn all about civil engineering from  basic to advanced, in the civil engineering category. Yes! there are myriad of tutorials including the design of buildings, dams, culverts, trusses, roads and highways, and other structural elements.

    Structural analysis of buildings, dams, culverts, design of bridges, slabs, beams, shells, cofferdams, concrete mixing, mix ratio, design of concrete section, to mention but a few!

    Do you love music?
    Of course
    I do too

    Sunnypraise Adoga did not only graduate with a B.Eng from the department of civil engineering, but also, a born singer. 

    Did I hear you say Sunnypraise Adoga?
    ...Yes, you heard right ...

    Sunday Adoga, is also in the art of song-writing, music-making, and digital recording. He studied and mastered the act of music production, and now produces most. He has been in the art of music production since 2012. In his childhood days, he started the art of music making, and loved it very much...

    Sunnypraise started learning music from native Idoma singers by listening to their records when he was about 6 years old. The likes of Peter Otulu of blessed memory, were his mentors. 
    He has ever since, been a member of many professional singing groups.

    The music category, links to Sunnypraise Adoga's music blog, and his personal music profile. 

    Hey, from time to time, I share freebies over there, which may include free songs, free beats, and more. So check that page frequently

    Get Sunnypraise Adoga's latest songs and albums from his personal music archive. Praise songs, worship songs, Christian and gospel songs according to various categories, topics and moods.

    The music page contains lyrics of popular gospel songs, and more!

    In his music archive are premium and free songs for download. Instrumental beats cooked by Sunnypraise Adoga may also be given as free giveaways, lyrics of his latest releases. 

    Sundayadoga News brings news from all over the globe. Local Nigerian News, as well as what's happening around the globe. Issues ranging from politics to sports, as well as business, and celebrity news are frequently updated.

    Stay with me to learn tips and tricks, tutorials of all sorts in the tutorials section. Learn blogger tips, WordPress tricks, and many more tutorials, including android, windows, tech, telecommunication and mobile network codes, offers and giveaways, and how to qualify for each.

    Get inspirational content and read about the ever powerful, double-edged, glorious word of God. God'sWordforLife(GWL) brings you inspirations from the word of God, prayer points, scripture readings, and devotionals from God's anointed servants.

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